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MCEBuddy 2.4.6 Conversion Task>Selection Filters>Channel Name Match question

Feb 6 at 7:23 PM
I have a conversion task for skipping COMSKIP processing only. I use the channel name match filter for channels like our local PBS channel. This filter only seems to work if the channel has a station identifier like KSYSDT, which is what is included in the .wtv file name of the recording.
I've been trying to include another station in this same filter for Turner Classic Movies HD.
The recorded program name shows TCMHD in the file name but isn't recognizing it at all.
My current Channel Match "string" is KSYSDT*;TCMHD*;

The TCMHD isn't being recognized.

Any help appreciated.
Feb 7 at 4:50 PM
Check the mcebuddy.log file to see what being matched against that filename, likely there's a typo somewhere either in the filter or the metadata from the wtv file channel name doesn't match
Feb 10 at 3:07 AM
I have two Conversion profiles, 1 to bypass using comskip by using the channel names as I mentioned. I have another conversion profile to process any other files not matching the channel names. The profile that tests for TCMHD (and other names) appears to be ignored completely and falls through to the alternate profile and processes the recording using comskip processing.

When I process a similar job recorded from the KSYSDT channel, it processes using the proper conversion profile, the channel name KSYSDT is shown as being matched in the log and of course the comskip process is not run.