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Error setting metadata on *some* shows after upgrading to 2.4.6

Feb 7 at 9:33 PM
Hello. After upgrading to the 2.4.6 release recently, I've been experiencing failures writing metadata to some converted shows--but only some. Other shows work fine.

(These are WTV recordings via Media Center, converted to MP4/M4V H.264 files via MCEBuddy using Handbrake.)

Checking the logs, it appears that show metadata is properly found/extracted, but Atomic Parsley is failing when trying to set the show artwork after conversion. The error is "image file is not jpg/png and cannot be embedded". However, when looking at the MCEBuddy cache directory, the images all seem to be fine.

Here is a recent log file:!Av18f_LTpAvUnfEVhYPbXhohWdLIXw
And here is the corresponding cached image that is "failing":!Av18f_LTpAvUnfEW0ZQLQsiyNbWP_A

Any thoughts on what might be happening?
Feb 7 at 9:51 PM
Edited Feb 7 at 9:52 PM
Okay, well I figured it out. The build of Atomic Parsley shipping with 2.4.6 seems to have a limit of 256 KB on image file sizes. All of the artwork for the shows that are failing are larger than this. And it does seem to be happening on newer shows or seasons where artwork was not previously cached. Perhaps TVDB has increased the size limits on artwork?

In any case, I can fix this on my end by compressing the cached artwork in Photoshop. But it may be something you want to look into to see if it can be worked around in the software. (Don't know why this didn't occur to me first, but the process of typing this up for you caused me to think about it more fully.)

Thanks for the awesome product.
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