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Error with one program while using Ad Remover.

Mar 9 at 11:52 PM
I'm having an issue with one show where if I have Ad Remover (ComSkip) on, it errors out. Even shows from the same channel (Disney Channel) don't produce the issue.

Leaving everything else the same, when I turn off Ad Remover it works fine but does produce a .edl file in the output directory (why is that BTW?).

Here is the log file.

Am I missing something obvious here with this?

Mar 11 at 3:25 AM
I don't see any error in the log.
Mar 13 at 4:02 PM
Strange, I can reproduce this over and over with this one file. Anything else I can look at?
Mar 21 at 2:56 AM
What error are you seeing? If there is an Edl file in the source directory it copies it to the output. Or if some software is creating the edl while converting it copies it.