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DRM support for the new HDHomerunDVR .mpg files

Mar 11 at 1:13 AM
Has anyone started looking into what needs to be done to handle these files?

I'm trying to get a working DVR solution, and have invested in the HDHomerun. I was hoping to avoid using Microsoft Media Center on Windows 8.1, as MS is no longer supporting the Media Center platform.

HDHomerunDVR on Windows 10 looks promising, and it is the only solution I have found to date that will record and play back the DRM channels (I am on Spectrum cable, so that is most of my channels).

I'm looking forward to when I'll be able to convert these files into something I can fling with my Plex server to my various devices.

If I can't get this to work I'll have to downgrade my PC to Windows 8.1 and install Media Center, as this appears to be the only stable configuration for the Cable Card recording that will work with DRM that provides a format I can work with.
Mar 13 at 12:27 AM
An update to this item - Microsoft will no longer sell a Windows Media Center license for 8.1, so I am S.O.L. on that method. I've tried all methods I know to obtain a media center license for 8.1 and get it to install and register it, and none have been successful.

It appears that for now the only supported solution for DRM recording and playback for the HDHomerun Prime is the beta version of their DVR software. The implementation of rights management on it via the windows 10 software only allows playback to a physical DRM supported monitor on the system.

Until a solution is available to re-encode the DRM .mpg files, this limits me to play back on only the one system.

I'm really looking for a flexible solution here, and the DRM conspiracy is making this incredibly difficult. I can only ask humbly that the brilliant work on MCEbuddy be continued to include support for this platform!
Mar 13 at 1:05 AM
one of the requirements for a system to support copyonce content is that it can not be edited modified or tampered with in any way. This is a cablelabs requirement so it effects all copyonce channels regardless what program recorded them ie: hdhr or mce. Also the way the Hdhomerun dvr works, There is a central record engine either on a nas, windows box, a linux/bsd box or a mac. This engine feeds the recorded shows to a client system (currently windows only for copyonce but others in the works) in theory you should be able to watch copyonce recorded shows on any system on the lan provided you use the hdhomerun client software. Plex just like kodi can not and will never be able to handle copyonce content. The developers of those programs just don't want to pay to get certified by cablelabs. The way I see it if you are in a rush to get this working your only option is to go with the hdhomerun dvr and buy/build a windows computer for each tv. the other option is if you can wait (not sure how long) you can buy an android box that supports hdcp and use that.
Mar 17 at 6:20 PM
My apologies in regards to asking that you convert CableCard protected content. I had not realized this is such a sensitive issue, and understand why it cannot be addressed..

Also I spoke to someone in the "CableCard" group for Spectrum Cable, and they stated that to company will not change their policy regarding only local channels being provided with no DRM protection. He agreed with me that they were not treating it the same as other Cable companies, but that they were not likely to change that policy.
Mar 19 at 4:31 PM
thanks. Also, I did not know that the hdhr dvr could record copy once channels yet I thought it could only play them live. I also thought the latest windows build borked that.