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Jun 12, 2017 at 8:32 PM

Thank you all for your patience!

We've been working hard for months to get our new discussion forum ready and it's finally here:

Everything you asked for and more:

- It has a VERY powerful search tool

- We've created categories to organize the content and discussions

- You can attach your log files

- One click EASY to sign up, you can use your Google, Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo accounts or you can go old school and use your email to sign up

- You can reference other threads/posts and tag users by their handle by using @<handle>

- You will get reliable eMail notifications and you can EVEN REPLY via eMail

- You can subscribe to threads and be notified of everything you've missed since your last visit


MANY more new things to explore, go ahead and try it out and give us your feedback, this is for all you great folks out there!!

Check out the Welcome post to get started!

We will be retiring the old Codeplex pages and all the "sticky" content has been moved to the new forum. Thank you to all the folks to helped make this happen!
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