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Error with one program while using Ad Remover.

first post: JoshFink1 wrote: I'm having an issue with one show where if I have Ad Remover (ComSk...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: What error are you seeing? If there is an Edl file in the source di...

Keep the same name and location?

first post: RDabate wrote: Hi folks, new to MCEBuddy, My install is on a Windows 10 machine. ...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: Leave the destination folder blank. Rest your mouse on the labels f...

MCEBuddy Not Recognizing the Donator Version of ComSkip

first post: freway01 wrote: I have been using the donation version of MCEBuddy and Comskip for ...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: Please upload or attach a link to your conversion log

I'm looking for tips / tricks / settings for MCEBuddy?

first post: RDabate wrote: Hi everyone, I have a new install with MCEBuddy working, (Installe...

latest post: tsigwing wrote: was there a question?

DRM support for the new HDHomerunDVR .mpg files

first post: realtimecat wrote: Has anyone started looking into what needs to be done to handle the...

latest post: techpro2004 wrote: thanks. Also, I did not know that the hdhr dvr could record copy o...

Does MCEBuddy run as a service?

first post: RDabate wrote: Hi, I"m new to MCEBuddy and running it on Windows 10. Does it run ...

Preview Before Processing?

first post: steveh11284 wrote: I'm brand new to this, but was wondering if it is possible to previ...

Is there any updated source code that will compile without errors?

first post: ImCoKeMaN wrote: I was wondering if there is any updated source code available, and ...

latest post: ImCoKeMaN wrote: I've tried the latest posted (mostly 2.4.3) and 2.4.1 and 2.3.15 ve...

Problem with networked destination path

first post: trx wrote: I've been trying to get MCEBuddy to store converted files on a netw...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/851df582-dc53-411...

Output to input folder?

first post: TomiT wrote: Hi Is there any way to define output to same folder as input? I ...

latest post: TomiT wrote: Thanks, rboy1. I never did notice that field names will also show t...

answered by: rboy1 wrote: When you rest your mouse over the text in MCEBuddy it gives you pop...