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MCEBuddy 2.4.1

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Released: Dec 25, 2014
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Release Notes

2.4.1 release is available through the Early Access Program at

Refer to to get access to the latest releases premium program. 2.3.13 is the last release you can download from here.

All new Hardware Encoding (12x faster than 2.3.13) with 200+ new features and enhancements.

Introducing MCEBuddy Custom Cuts to manually mark sections of video to cut out.

Changelog for 2.4.1 (32bit and 64bit)
1. Introducing MCEBuddy Custom Cuts, a easy to use intuitive application to manually mark sections of video to cut (commercials/advertisements etc) and save them to an EDL file for MCEBuddy to automatically process while converting the video.
2. Custom Commands check exit codes for custom apps if CustomCommandExitCodeCheck=true , a return code of not equal to 0 indicates a failed custom command. If it fails the conversion will stop further processing. Refer to documentation for more details.
3. Added support to extract IMDB Id from filename in the format MOVIEIMDBID.<ext> or SHOWNAMEIMDBID.<ext> where IMDBID is the imdb id for the Movie or Episode. The Showname for a series is taken from title, this is only used to match the IMDB Id for the EXACT episode. E.g. Moviett0103064.ts or Battlestar Galacticatt0519763.ts
4. Upto 50% faster when processing corrupted recordings
5. Added support for HVEC, 2 new HEVC (h.265) profiles, MP4 and MKV

6. Fixed issue with MP4 profiles not creating multichannel audio tracks
7. Fixed issue with handbrake profiles not honouring user specified crop settings
8. Custom build of ffmpeg Oct 10th code base with temporary patch for avinterleavedframe error. This should improve handling of corrupted recordings and increase speed by upto 50% for these files by fast remuxing them and fix EAC3 in MP4
9. Fix for Stream remuxing failing under heavy loads with multiple simultaneous conversions
10. Fix for conversion failing when set at low priority sometimes when under heavy load
11. Fixed metadata lookup for IMDB (IMDBApi has shutdown, now using OMDBApi and MyApiFilms to bootstrap and supplement information)
12. MKV fallback to ffmpeg creates mkv files directly instead of remuxing to MKV to bring additional redundancy and avoid dependence on MKVMerge
13. Updated MKVMerge to 7.3.0 to fix issue with std::bad_alloc memory crash with some MKV files
14. Changed MKV ffmpeg profile to directly encode to MKV to provide redundancy from MKVMerge
15. Fixed forcing show type (reset other types)
16. Fixed issue with files with multiple video streams not selecting correct video stream (now selects first valid video stream) (ignores embedded program streams, only takes independent streams)
17. Better handling for eac3 audio streams
18. Fixed issue with SageTV not skipping chapters correctly due to missing CR in XML and EDL chapter files
19. Corrected issue with sometimes wrong metadata being downloaded and overwritten
20. Fixed issue with Sports types shows being processed as TVShows (type filters)
21. Fixed issue with some corrupted file not being converted with handbrake
22. Fixed issue with some corrupted files not falling back to secondary encoder when handbrake is primary encoder
23. Fixed issue with accidentally deleting original SRT files
24. Fixed issue with subtitles going out of sync, now the default commercial cutting subtitle segment offset if 0
25. Fix for manually corrected title getting overwritten while downloading information
26. Fixes issue with handling corrupted subtitle timestamps causing conversions to fail
27. Fixed issue with destination file permissions for some users when moving files within same drive/volume. Now MCEBuddy sets file to inherit permissions from destination folder
28. Fixed a bug with conversion failing if there is a SRT file along with the source file and closed caption is not enabled
29. Check if TS files need to be remuxed by mcebuddy configuration (e.g. AllowH264CopyRemuxing=false)
30. Fix for MCEBuddy Status GUI starting multiple times if the settings changes
31. Fix issues with some conversions failing due to AVIDemux issues, now use ffmpeg instead
32. Fix for ticket #2151, font scaling not working with title bar font increasing
33. Don't overwrite any user provided crop parameters for handbrake when skip cropping is enabled
34. Fixed issue with single high DPI (forcing) scaling in Windows 8.1 causing MCEBuddy to shrink for normal size
35. Change hang detection period for avidemux to 30 minutes (to prevent total hang but long enough to finish any large files)
36. Added showtitle tag for XMBC nfo series
37. Fix for handling malformed XML files using Latin-1 encoding but reporting UTF-8
38. Fixed Title metadata to reflect “SxEx – Episodename” for Shows or “Episodename” if Season and Episode aren’t available instead of Showname
39. Added support to retry adding converting file to iTunes and WMP upto 5 times if the COM server fails
40. Don't archive or delete support files if the destination path is the same as the original path since the support files may be created during conversion
41. Move support files into failed folder along with original file if failed folder is enabled
42. Fix for identifying malformed in ffmpeg and correcting them
43. Fixed issue with MCEBuddy GUI unable to connect to engine if ShowAnalyzer hangs
44. Fix for very large TiVO files causing conversions to fail

45. Speeded up hardware encoding up to 800% by implementing hardware deinterlacing
46. Added support for extracting subtitle tracks from M4V, MP4, MKV, AVI etc source files
47. Updated CCExtractor to 0.73 to handle WTV and DVRMS files directly improving performance by 10% and also improve subtitle extraction
48. Added redundancy to M4V and iPod profiles with ffmpeg
49. Added support to check for AKA names on TVDB
50. Put check for libmp3lame, does not support multi channel audio, force stereo
51. Xbox 360 profile now stereo channel audio (Xbox 360 only supports stereo AAC)
52. Enabling Save Metadata in Conversion Task Expert settings also saves the Cover Art now
53. Added support for nested file renaming (%ismovie%<Movie,%issport%<Sport,TV>,TV>) patterns
54. Added support for reading SageTV XML metadata
55. Added support for 2 new SageTV parameters in Custom Rename and Custom Command, %airingdbid% and %mediafiledbid% which represent the sageDbId’s from the SageTV metadata Airing and MediaFile tags
56. Added support for FFProbe JSON instead of FFMpeg to read the media file information. This allows for future upgrades to FFMpeg with newer features without breaking MCEBuddy. If MCEBuddy cannot find FFProbe it will fallback to FFMPeg (compatibility and redundancy)
57. Enhanced reading the frame rate (FPS) with some media files
58. Added support to extract subtitle, episode and season number from WTV/DVRMS files if the subtitle is empty and the information is contained in the Description field (UK recordings)
59. Changed text "Use MC Compatible renaming" to "Organize by seasons"
60. Advanced Settings is now called General Settings on main settings page
61. Changed color of expert settings text to blue to make it more visible
62. Locale is now called Language
63. Updated handbrake to custom build SVN6562 (fix for mpeg4 video source and improve stability of quicksync encoder)
64. Added %originalext% and %convertedext% to CustomCommand params and %originalext% to Rename patterns
65. Improved subtitle syncing significant
66. Added support to extract subtitles from MP4, MKV and other formats where possible
67. Improved saving metadata in XMBC format
68. Added support to read metadata in XBMC format
69. Changed name from Expert Settings to System Settings for main settings page
70. MediaInfo shows subtitle tracks also now
71. Improved interlace detection (improve video quality) which also improved speed by upto 40%
72. Added support to read VPRJ (videoredo) Cuts and convert to EDL in Custom Cuts and MCEBuddy
73. Added support for 2 profile parameters (<encoder>-AudioOptimized and <encoder>-VideoOptimized) to allow users to write highly optimized profiles. Refer to documentation for more details.
74. Added support to detect hardware encoding hang detection for unstable Intel drivers.
75. Included a Comskip INI GUI editor in the Comskip directory for advanced users
76. Use XBMC/Plex naming convention by default
77. Improve free space estimation requirement when using multiple simultaneous conversions
78. Upgraded to custom build of handbrake SVN 6418 to get new fixes (handbrake no longer provides 32bit builds)
79. Added support for Ctrl-A to select all files in the conversion queue
80. Added support to change conversion tasks order by moving up or down
81. Added support to bring MCEBuddy to front if system tray icon is double clicked
82. Added support for Archiving (including path) and Deleting original files per Monitor Task in monitor task expert settings page (this overrides the general settings for that monitor task)
83. Added support for PlayLater, fix bug in reading metadata from mp4 files (it keeps the filename in Title and the show name in the Showname)
84. Improved interlace detection when in Optimize video quality mode, fixes issue with sometimes video are left with interlacing artifacts
85. Added support to read rating and actors from nPVR XML files
86. Added support for comskip changing priority to IDLE by default
87. Added support for burning subtitles in ffmpeg and handbrake profiles using the command subtitleburn=true. Don’t forget to enable Closed Caption Extraction or have a valid SRT file with your source video to use this option. (Refer to the documentation for more details) (ffmpeg-subtitleburn is no longer used)

Reviews for this release

I've used 2.3.13 for about a year and have loved it. The custom cuts and the speed increases made this well worth the upgrade. Custom cuts is great for those tricky channels that comskip struggles with, and I particularly love it for sports. Great job, and thanks again!
by dquins on Jan 28, 2015 at 7:37 PM
I love this release. I didn't think it could get any better than the last stable release which I think was 2.3.1. I truly love the handy little "Custom Cuts" program that is simple an no more complicated or bloated than it needs to be. The UI is simple and awesome! Had been looking for a program similar that would just do the job without bogging down my computer because although the "ComSkip" and "Show Analyzer" are the best I have seen without having to tweak the settings (which I'm not comfortable doing yet) they still leave remnants of commercials and cut small portions of some TV Shows or Movies. So this little tool is the coolest. Thanks for your great product and I will be sure to contribute a bit more when I can.
by jaybez13 on Jan 14, 2015 at 8:21 AM
I've tried other renaming/transcoding tools to get my Sage TV recordings 'Plex ready' and nothing has been as accurate and simple-to-use as MCEBuddy.
by massmanjr on Dec 29, 2014 at 11:23 PM
I've been with MCEBuddy for several years and when I started using the beta of 2.4.1. I have been excited with each update and trying out new features. This is with out a doubt the fastest version yet. Thanks guys for your labor of love with this software!
by smstebbins on Dec 28, 2014 at 3:11 PM
Using MCEBuddy for years and been following this release for 6 months now. Truly the fastest and best release to date. Thanks guys for the great work!
by hunnypuppy on Dec 25, 2014 at 6:22 PM