This project has moved. For the latest updates, please go here.

The MCEBuddy Engine uses XML SOAP 1.1 to communicate with the clients. This allows users to write custom Remote Clients using the publicly exposed interfaces and classes.

This guide is a starting point on how to write a remote client for MCEBuddy. It is an evolving document and feedback is openly welcome.

  1. Download the source code (refer to Documentation on connecting to CodePlex) for MCEBuddy2x
  2. Include the namespace MCEBuddy.Globals in your project. This namespace contains all the key objects that will be required to configure and connect to the MCEBuddy engine
  3. The public interfaces to the MCEBuddy engine is provided by the ICore interface
  4. Open the file Status.cs in the Project MCEBuddy.GUI, refer to the method TryConnect to get started with how to remotely connect to the engine.

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