Scheduled Conversion - Finish active conversion before pausing

Related somewhat to Conversion Load Distribution, but also separate. I am looking for a feature to change the way conversion scheduling starts and stops. Currently if a conversion is in process...

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Add LockFile to Source File During Processing

It would be extremely helpful if MCEBuddy would lock the file it is processing (even though it typically takes a local copy of the input file to convert). I currently run MCEBuddy on two machines...

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Commercial Removal is removing too much

I have MCEBuddy setup to not remove any commericals however after the process is over the resultant video is reduced to 29 minutes. Initially it starts a 1 hour 9 minutes. I am not sure why it is...

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Linking conversion tasks to Manual Queue/CLI

as i stated above plex dvr uses gracenote metadata for the accurate placing of metadata to recorded shows. if the shows are picked up from a watched folder that is stripped and data is attempted to...

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Supporting Plex through UserCLI

rboy1 wrote: So if I'm understanding this correctly you want a way to query to status of the conversion jobs within the queue so each task can track it's own job. Is that correct? Yes, I think y...

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Add support for Beyonwiz T3 metadata

Thanks for the reply. I have found the specification for the .meta files (and other files created by the Beyonwiz T3). This is located at:

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Description and Comments with " on MP4 and M4V files cut off

Tried to do a search...but how do you search for " in the docs :) I've noticed it for a while but haven't taken the time to fully test it out. But for items being converted to Mp4 or M4V if the ...

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Stable Version Source Code

Hi, I wanted to try and compile the source code, but it seems both very out of date and will not give a clean compile. When I try and compile it I am getting various compiler errors, like "HANDBRA...

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Chromecast conversion profile for optimal PLEX steaming with No Transcoding required

Hello All. Could someone PLEASE create a Chromecast conversion profile for optimal PLEX steaming with No Transcoding? I record my tv shows with my HDHomerun Prime and then convert the shows using M...

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Add TVMaze support

MCEBuddy presently grabs TV metadata from, whose admins are quite adamant about not including news or sports broadcasts (including episodic pro wrestling shows like WWE) into their data...

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